Art and Sham?

Mumbai is a blend music, drama and literature. Various forms of art have evolved in this city over the years, and to showcase these arts, Mumbai has its very own Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF). It’s one of the largest multi-cultural arts fests of India that is held in South Bombay every year in the month of February.

This year, KGAF went green keeping in mind, the environment. ‘Hara Ghoda’, therefore, had nature in its art, considering some contemporary issues. It also made use of used or recycled materials such as glass bottles in such art installations.



Closely arranged like the threads of a cloth, houses in Mumbai are built very close-knit, almost against each other’s walls.


Over population in the ‘city of dreams’ and availability of limited land makes it horrifying to survive in Mumbai. This in turn has decreased the number of trees.


Having a 1 Bedroom-House-Kitchen in SoBo is a more a moment of pride than having a mansion elsewhere in Mumbai.


In the process of creating the most convenient urban surroundings, we’ve given rise to certain issues easily overlooked.


Chopping off a tree (as old a culture as the worship of trees), to build a multi-storey points out to the damage we’re doing to our nature just for the sake of mere urbanisation.



And then the question arises. How do you imagine so many people have ample breathable air, when you plant trees with artificial leaves and decorative lights?


Featuring a photograph by: द छायाचित्रकार

Let’s promote nature and the importance of trees by selling carved wood!


Although Mumbai has various colours and forms of its own; in the end, it dwells up to be a rainbow, blending all its colours to amuse people.

Photography by: Noyonika Misquitta & Kshitij Agrawal

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